Senior Developer

Signal Noise reinvents the way people experience data. With a rich heritage in data visualisation, we create digital products, services, and stories in and about complex, data-rich environments from Smart Cities to Industrial IoT and Finance. We aim to change behaviour by having a measurable impact on people.

Your primary responsibility will be to work on individual projects as a hands on developer, but you should also be interested in improving the output of the studio as a whole, and in both learning from and teaching other developers.

Projects vary widely; from short term storytelling to products and from browser based to installations and other formats, and prototyping is a part of most projects. We love generalists; you should have a ‘home zone’ of expertise but be capable of — or at least interested in — working in other technologies and environments.

We believe great work is made by great people collaborating in a great environment. Please read our ​technical approach​ and ​workflow​ if you’re interested in applying.

You will be expected to

  • Work on and often lead individual projects from a technology perspective, ensuring standards are met and the quality bar is kept high
  • Support team members who need help with something you’re expert in
  • Guide and teach junior team members on best practises and approaches to problems
  • Help develop and maintain coding standards across the studio in conjunction with the tech team
  • Help develop processes and maintain tools and libraries across the studio in conjunction with the Tech Director and team

You must have

  • 5 years industry experience coding performant, experience-driven projects, with at least some studio or agency experience
  • An in depth knowledge of Javascript in the browser, including common tools and approaches
  • Some experience with React
  • Experience working with at least one of the following:
    • Data visualisation using D3, SVGs or similar
    • WebGL
    • Advanced CSS including the latest techniques, and the pros and cons of using them
    • Infrastructure and/or devops
    • Python or data analysis
    • Custom hardware (arduino/RPI) or one-off hardware (Kinect, etc)
  • Experience working with different levels of process and a pragmatic approach to choosing the appropriate level
  • Experience choosing and evaluating different architectures, frameworks and approaches, with a good idea of the pros and cons of such decisions
  • Experience working in a cross-disciplinary environment, collaborating with other practitioners to deliver the best end result

Ideally you’ll also

  • Have experience building products or long term projects
  • Have experience in a lead role, mentoring other developers
  • Be comfortable talking to project stakeholders and clients who may not be technical
  • Have some experience working with teams including remote workers, with ideas on how to get the best from teams like this
  • Have some experience of, and interest in talking or writing about your work

Interested? Send us an email at